Pittsburgh Steelers success timeline

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the incredible American football team that i have supported since i can remember and here is my timeline of some of their most significant and successful events.

The Steelers in action

1933 – Pittsburgh Pirates, football team, is founded by Art Rooney.

1940 – The Pirates are officially renamed as the Steelers, as Pittsburgh is known for being a mining town.

1942 – The Steelers defeat the Chicago Cards 19-3, to clinch their first ever winning season.

1957 – The team break boundaries when Lowell Perry became the first African-American assistant coach in the NFL.

1969 – Chuch Noll becomes the new head coach of the Steelers, replacing Buddy Parker after eight years of non-losing seasons.

1975 – Pittsburgh defeats the Minnesota Vikings 16-6, winning the teams first Superbowl Victory in Superbowl IX New Orleans Tulane Stadium. To find out about the hype surrounding the game visit TheMiamiNews.com   

1976 – The Steelers win their second consecutive Superbowl title against the Dallas Cowboys, 21-17 in Superbowl X, Miami, Florida.

1979 – The team break ground again by defeating the Dallas Cowboys, 35-31 in Superbowl XIII, Miami, Florida; becoming the first team to win three superbowls. For more information on the game visit LodiNews-Sentinel.com

1980 – Their winning streak continues as they win Superbowl XIV against the LA Rams, 31-19 in Pasadena, California.  

1992 – Bill Cowher is named head coach  after Chuck Noll’s retirement.

2006 – Steelers win their fifth Superbowl title, 21-10 against the Seattle Seahawks in Superbowl XL, Detroit. To read more on the exciting game visit CBSNews.com

2007 – After Bill Cowher steps down, Mike Tomlin becomes head coach, and still is today.

2009 – The Steelers break a record by becoming the first team in the NFL to win six superbowl titles, when they defeated the Arizona Cardinals 27-23, Tampa, Florida in Superbowl XIII. For more information on their win visit the TorontoSun.com


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