Half of ‘The Corey’s’ lost forever

Young Corey

One of my passions is film, especially the signature films of the 80’s, such as those directed by the late John Hughes, an incredible and innovative director, i even plan on doing my disertation on this era of film.

Unfortunenatley in recent news  Corey Haim, half of the famous 80’s duo ‘The Coreys’ died aged 38.

Haim was found dead in the early hours of the morning of March 10th having passed away from a possible accidental overdose. Haim hit the peak of his career during the 80’s when he was teamed up with Corey Feldman in such films as Dream a Little Dream and License to Drive. I grew up watching all the films of this era and when i read that Haim had passed away and so young i was deeply saddened. His career may have been short lived but the work he did will always be remembered along with his signature smile.

For more information on Corey Haim visit the official website http://www.coreyhaim.us/


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