My Short Story – ‘His Footsteps’

His Footsteps

One of my interests includes writing and i hope to pursue this once i have finished my BA Hons Communication and Media course, as part of the second year course we were assigned the task of writing a short story. We had free range of what the story could be about and i chose the two main themes of family relationships and losing a loved one. Below is an extract from the story, at this point a young girl has travelled to America with her sister and Mother to spread her Fathers ashes with his two sisters, Nancy and Pat.

‘ “You should not play with things that do not belong to you, child”, I could not believe it, in all that was going on, that was what she had to say to me. I looked at her in shock and could feel my cheeks warming up, my chin start to quiver and my eyes fill with water. I walked out of the shop with a blur of people calling after me. As I’m walking down the clean street of this small town, I do not know where I am going or what I am doing, all I knew was I had to get away from it, from everything, especially my aunt. I refuse to show any kind of weakness in front of her.

My senses came back to me and I sat down on the nearest bench. I put my hands in my lap and looked down as they filled with small droplets of salty water. I brought my knees to my chest and wrapped my arms around them tightly, resting my head on my knees.

I felt a cold hand on my shoulder and as I looked up the sun was shining behind this stranger’s head hampering my view of who they were.’

The young girl who is the narrator of the story, Jennifer has always struggled to have  a good relationship or any kind of relationship at all with her aunt Nancy. One of the main aims of the story was to give people some hope that relationships within a family can be improved mainly with good communication. ‘His Footsteps’ resolves at the end with Jennifer and Nancy finding a common ground and Jennifer deciding to follow her Fathers footsteps and travel the world. The story was written for a magazine such as Take a Break, which regularly run short stories, and as most of us have lost someone close to us at one point or another i felt the story could be relatable to most readers.


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