This generation has fast become used to the technical wonders we have nowadays, mobile internet, mobile TV, the ability to watch, dare i say it? Anything we want on the internet. But this take over could be said to be the easiest way to get your 15 minutes of fame.

Music seems to be the greatest running theme of internet fame, new artists started off in recent years by having a myspace page in which they could publish their music for all to hear, without a penny to pay. Now it has taken a step up with the creation of You Tube, artists can post their videos on here and become an overnight sensation. Take Justin Bieber, his music video on You Tube ‘Baby’ featuring hip-hop artist Ludacris has recieved nearly 100,000,000 hits and has shot him to fame. One could even go to the other end of the spectrum to the less chart hitting music of a man called Tay Zonday, whos song ‘Chocolate Rain’ has recieved over 50,000,000 hits and has become a cult sensation. With it even being parodied in a recent South Park episode in which

You Tube Generation

 they illustrate (in their own distinct style) the You Tube take over.

It seems to be that gone are the days when artists will work for years to have their video seen, instead our media empire has grown to enable us to do it with an upload and a click of a button. We will just have to see who the next Justin Bieber or Tay Zonday will be.


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