The Land of Oz

So, I haven’t done a post in a while because I’ve only been traveling the world. Started off in Sydney, which is an incredible city, needless to say it’s pretty pricey, but beautiful and a city lover’s dream. Moved onto Byron Bay which was a laidback haven, people were nice, tanned and rarely wore shoes. Watching the sunset on the beach on my last night there was a highlight and it all sunk in that I was finally doing something I had thought about for as long as I can remember. Now we are in Surfers Paradise which is a fresh and vibrant place, hoping the sun makes more of an appearance so that I can get this tan on the up so that my Englishness doesn’t seem so obvious around all these golden brown Ozzie’s and fellow travelers. One of my goals of this four and a half month trip with 3 of my best friends, is to collect a Vogue magazine in each country I visit. I want to get a deeper understanding of what all these different countries have to offer the fashion world and hopefully broaden my horizons. So far no luck in the Land of Oz but I will be searching every newsagent I wander past in the hope of finding Australian Vogue.

To be continued…..


Bondi Beach



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