Fashion forward

I finally managed to get hold of my very own Vogue Australia…… the first thing that struck me was the incredibly clean front cover with the title ‘Free Spirit’ and featuring the mesmerizing Julia Frauche, which relates to the overall impression of the Vogue Australia April 2012 issue. The letter from editor Kirstie Clements, describes what she loves about the current issue and that is two things the first being personal style, that it is now created and not just something you follow and imitate because a celebrity or familiar face is wearing it. The second being the confidence women can and should embody, with Stella McCartney and Kate Winslet leading the way.

A stand out element of the magazine for me was the brilliant article on one of my idols, Stella McCartney; the article was an interview with the 40 year fashion designer, activist and mother and delved into the mind of a fashion genius. Well written and accompanied by a stunning portrait of the woman herself, looking sleek and interesting by the great David Bailey, it was a perfect read for me in my hostel in Noosa, East Coast of Australia.

Stella McCartney as I have written in the past is fashion forward, not only in her designs but in her outlook on fashion, how she creates clothing for women and not just for her models but for the average woman in order to help her feel as confident as she should feel.

My next stop will be the country of New Zealand and will be filled with adrenaline pumping activities including sky diving and bungee jumping. However through all the mayhem I will of course be scoping out the New Zealand fashion and can’t wait for it all to begin.


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