Fit or Fashion?

As I begin to write my first blog in a while, there is a thought that crosses my mind constantly, especially as the golden days of Friday and Saturday draw closer.

If anyone reading this is like me, you will forever have on your mind ‘What to wear?’ and unfortunately this age old question comes down to two areas ‘Do I go for fit?’ or ‘Do I go for fashion?’ It pains me that this is sometimes the choice, however for me 99% of the time, the answer tends to be the latter.

As women we are often forced to confirm into types of behaviour and appearances to allow us to find our place in society. If a woman wears a tailored suit to the office she can be branded a feminist or manly, if she wears a skirt and blouse she is at the mercy of the men around her. A recent campaign caught my attention Ban Bossy, it delved into the mental affect calling a young girl ‘bossy’ can have. Whilst little boys playing in the school yard leading friends in a game would be called a born leader and girl doing the same would be branded Little Miss Bossy.

So as a single twenty-something, when beginning my Friday night drinks in South London I have to ask myself whether I am going to dress to capture the eye of a potential suitor or whether I will dress to capture my own imagination. Of course we all have the one friend ‘If you’ve got it flaunt it!’ Not usually my style. But every now and then I think I wonder if it would make a difference. Does wearing my oversized vintage tartan and velvet blazer with black jeans over a bandeau dress and court shoe really impact what a guy would see? Probably.

Every once in a while I gain the courage to don a ‘revealing’ dress and it is only down to the constant and often dominating encouragement from my best friends that I will go through with this kind of attire. However it seems my choice of fashion over the generic outlined format of ‘fit’ is simply my choice.



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