Beloved Black Jeans

It’s a Friday morning and to my surprise the sun is out and gleaming, as I look out the 6th floor window of my office I’m happy to see the sweet candy blue sky and wispy clouds, could this be the start of our Summer?

If so there is one thing that springs to my mind, one thing that I love dearly and by no stretch of the word could do without and that is (however dull and safe) a pair of black jeans. If our Summer is upon us, I must begin to say my goodbyes for another season.

I must admit that no matter how much I love the Summer months, filled with beer gardens, festivals and friends I hate saying goodbye to my black jeans, they’re always there like a good friend.

I think fashion is for experimentation, expression, controversy, anything you want as a matter of fact, but sometimes an old faithful can be the simplest form of style.

If you’re anything like me there is a shudder down your spine as you see the first denim thongs (a phrase myself and my friends have coined) walking around the streets of London town at the first break of sunshine. For me a fashion enthusiast who isn’t a size 6, let’s say, this is often where I feel tested both mentally and physically, of course I don’t wish to take part in the hot pant parade championed by the fresh faced 18 year old’s of our great nation, I would however like to be able to enjoy Summer in a shift dress and ankle boot without the immense anxiety at the thought of ‘getting my legs out’.

Needless to say, I will and do return back to my blessed black jeans throughout the Summer months, I just will have to face the music as the temperature rises and force myself to break out, or should I say purchase, the summer dresses….. Or we could start off with maxi skirts and see how we go from there.


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