Inner Child

We all know fashion likes to make re-appearances, yet it still amazes me the come backs that so many styles can do.

I’m lucky enough to have a Mother who holds onto to her fashions dating back to the 70’s, our loft is a wash of 80’s jumpers, jeans and clothing from around the world. I am doubly as lucky as my Father tends to hold on to a valuable few pieces of clothing dating back to I don’t even know how far. I still have a green Lacoste polo shirt, which I adopted as a teenager later to find out that the Grandpap (on my American mothers side hence referring to him as Grandpap, a Pittsburgh saying) that I never had the pleasure of meeting, had given to my Father years before I was born, needless to say this polo shirt will always stay with me, along with a thick woven woolen jumper which was also given to my Father by my Grandpap. There is a wardrobe that over the past year or two I have been raiding for new inspiration, anything from one of my Dad’s Hawaiian shirts, which he claims ‘every Dad has right to have one’ or a pair of Mom jeans which funnily enough my parents can’t work out whether they are Mom jeans or Dad jeans, we’ve gone with Dad as they Wranglers which are my Dad’s choice in denim attire.

The problem, with this however is that I unfortunately struggle to throw things away at the best of times, so when clearing out my wardrobes before moving out of home again to the bright lights of South-London, I could only think to myself ‘well if jelly shoes have come back, maybe this could too’. Sometimes I think I should have kept hold of my purple glittery jelly shoes, could argue they wouldn’t fit me now but then again, the rest of me hasn’t grown so I doubt my pixie feet have either.

I often have to employ the help of a second opinion to deter me from clinging onto a baby pink ra-ra skirt circa 2004, please don’t judge, you know we all had them and of course loved them.

If there is one thing the fashion come backs often can teach us is to remember to have fun with fashion, rather than think where can I wear this? What can I wear this with? We should be thinking I’m going to wear this and what shall I wear this with? Embrace your inner child I say.

I mean what’s more fun than a jelly shoe?



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