Maxed Out

When it comes to Summer there are a things that come to mind… the ever disturbing rate of shrinking in the length of shorts, cold beers, festivals, the mind set ‘desperately seeking tan’, however my mind turns to maxi’s in all forms. I have a love hate relationship with the maxi style, I love that I feel comfortable in them, I hate how I depend on them. Unfortunately for me Gisele Bundchen stole my legs and won’t give them back, so I am not one to have my legs on show and especially not during the day.

There is risk you take when wearing maxi dresses or skirts, the possibility of looking frumpy is always one, or the possibility of looking ‘boring’. So, this summer when you reach for your staple maxi try mixing it up.

Colour is always important, a black maxi dress or maxi skirt is always a firm favourite but why not try to step out of your comfort zone and go for a lilac or bright cobalt blue.

Try different shapes; there is one thing that a maxi dress can do and that is help shape different types of figures if you’re an hour glass shape then try and go for slimmer maxi dresses or ones that have a cinched waist to accent it perfectly. If you’re not comfortable with just the slim style of maxi, team it with a kimono to give you a cover up as well as help you make a statement. If you’re feeling a little braver try a graphic maxi skirt with a crop tee or cami!

Always remember accessories don’t go a miss, but don’t over do it! Try a chunky necklace and bright lip for a fun day time look, or combine with a light blazer and clutch bag for an evening dinner.

Summer’s not just about short shorts so if you’re anything like me and the maxi dress or skirt is always in your wardrobe, this season, have a little fun with it!




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