Dressing for my age…… At 24

So as my 25th Birthday creeps up closer and closer, my friends and I started talking about when we should dress for our age, replacing the crop T-Shirts with chiffon blouses?

But the concept itself is a curious one, as I have gotten older I have found myself wearing what I want more so than ever before and I hope this mantra only grows as I age. Dressing for your age runs along the same lines as dressing for your size, it’s not so much the clothes on your back but the look on your face. It’s simple the more comfortable you are, well you know how it goes, the better you look!

It always fascinates me how certain staple items of clothing can run through generations and only ever look classically chic, take the white shirt, always worth the investment as you can hold onto it for as long as possible, take Carolina Herrera, who manages to make the white shirt look like a new invention and not to mention look stunning whilst doing this at the age of 75.

I think there is also a way to combine items to make them a completely different look, my outfit choice for today is slim fit boyfriend jeans with rips, a white T-Shirt, black sliders (new Summer favourite) and a black blazer with a leather trim. Now if I were to take the blazer off and maybe the Michael Kors cat eye glasses, I would be all set for a trip to the cinema. But with these elements I feel set and ready to work, I also feel that oh so bit more mature.

I am definitely not ready to ditch my sometimes Brixton style, but will be tempted to more and more throw in an element to take me from my long lost teen years to my ever changing (and exciting) twenty-something years.

Today's Style

Today’s Style


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